TKH acquires JCAII. Acquisition complements TKH’s CEDD Technology
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Jane’s Airport Review March 2012

Amsterdam Schiphol has acquired a new runway de-icing vehicle for about EUR 300,000 (USD 380,000). German manufacturer Dammann supplied the vehicle, which has a spraying width of 40 meters. The sprayer arms are fitted with LED lighting to ensure safe operation in poor visibility. Schiphol has been using potassium formate for runway de-icing since 2011, as an environmentally friendlier alternative to potassium nitrate.
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Jane’s Airport Review July/August 2013

The Amsterdam hub airport continues to show an appetite for innovation. Schiphol has come a long way from 1967 when its existing terminal was inaugurated and annual passenger capacity was 6 million. It is now the main aviation gateway in the Netherlands, fed by regional subsidiaries such as Rotterdam, The Hague and Eindhoven airports.
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The arrival of the All Nippon Airways R2D2 ANA JET created a huge buzz at YVR when it arrived from a galaxy far, far away on October 18. Between the plane spotters snapping photos of the landing and all the…

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JCAII enhances de-icing facilities on both

Ben Vogel Jeff Campbell Associates International Inc (JCAII) reports completion of multiple de-icing projects in the 2014-2015 winter season. At Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport in Finland, two new de-icing pads (designed by Finavia)were equipped with Electronic Messaging Boards (EMBs) and a…

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