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CEDD Technology

JCAII’s SmartPad® solution contains the worlds most advanced CEDD Technology in the airfield today. This patented, LED based lighting technology is manufactured in Germany by Hellas airfield lighting division and is known as Contactless Energy and Data Distribution (CEDD). CEDD is designed and manufactured for maximum reliability in harsh environments and precision control. Connectivity is provided through an inductive clamp which extracts the data and energy required without the need to expose sensitive cabling connections to the elements, such as traditional AGL systems.

CEDD power controllers connect to the local Ethernet to which provides the ability for the operator to control and monitor the lighting for each bay in the CDF. When CEDD is coupled to JCAII’s pad management software, it creates a superior level of calm, mission focused control on the ground.

The addition of CEDD lighting to our SmartPad® suite saves significant time, fuel burn and removes the need for unnecessary people and equipment to support the operation on the field.

For more information, please download our sales sheet.

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