TKH acquires JCAII. Acquisition complements TKH’s CEDD Technology
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CEDD Technology

JCAII’s SmartPad® solution contains the worlds most advanced airfield ground lighting technology: CEDD, developed by TKH Airport Solutions.

CEDD is a smart, safe and sustainable airfield ground lighting technology, designed for LED. Energy and data transport are combined in a single cable. Airfield lights receive their power and data by means of induction, removing the need for transformers and connectors in the field. The lights can easily and safely be installed or replaced without making electrical contact.

CEDD lights are individually addressable, allowing for greater flexibility in managing airfield lighting. It makes the system highly suitable for floating ‘Follow-the-Greens’ applications. Using up to 70% less energy than regular LED AGL systems, CEDD reduces the airfield’s environmental impact.

When CEDD is coupled to JCAII’s pad management software, it creates a superior level of calm, mission focused control on the ground. The addition of CEDD lighting to the SmartPad® suite saves significant time, fuel burn and removes the need for unnecessary people and equipment to support the operation on the field.

More information about CEDD airfield ground lighting and TKH Airport Solutions can be found on

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