TKH acquires JCAII. Acquisition complements TKH’s CEDD Technology
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Ben Vogel
Jeff Campbell Associates International Inc (JCAII) reports completion of multiple de-icing projects in the 2014-2015 winter season.

At Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport in Finland, two new de-icing pads (designed by Finavia)were equipped with Electronic Messaging Boards (EMBs) and a de-icing bay management system. Most de-icing operations at Helsinki have relocated from the gate area to the pads.

JCAII also worked at Heathrow Airport in the UK to design multiple high-speed taxiway de-icing pads, in an effort to cut gate congestion during wintry conditions. “For this upcoming season we will launch a complete smart pad called Vader, that will be equipped with EMB, in-ground light control, bay management system, and our newest product, the automated guidance system,” said Jacob Klein, JCAII vice-president of IT and technology systems.

Meanwhile, an extra de-icing bay was added at Toronto Pearson International Airport in Canada, after co-operation between JCAII, the Greater Toronto Airports Authority, and Air Canada. So far in 2015, the Icelink de-icing management software from JCAII was installed and tested in three large de-icing stations: Aeromag2000/Westjet at Calgary, plus United Airlines and American Airlines at Chicago O’Hare. More Icelink installations are planned at other United stations, as well as the FedEx global hub at Memphis International Airport.

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