TKH acquires JCAII. Acquisition complements TKH’s CEDD Technology
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– JCAI Inc. (JCAII) today announces the sale of its central de-icing facility guidance software and traffic management communications system to Helsinki Airport.

JCAII, based in Ontario, Canada, will provide Helsinki Airport with 16 de-icing pad Electronic Message Boards to communicate operational messages to aircrew. Complementing the Electronic Message Boards is the supply of a customized de-icing Bay Management Software program that will control the flow of aircraft through the de-icing process. The Bay Management Software will also be integrated with de-icing trucks and other equipment for real-time data collection. All equipment is slated for implementation at the start of the 2014 – 2015 de-icing season.

“As an airport authority, we are always interested in improving winter operations safety, efficiency, and environmental performance,” said Mr. Ville Haapasaari, SVP, Airport Director, for Finavia. “The implementation of JCAII’s equipment suite at our airport will help us improve on all three of these key performance indicators.”

The JCAII equipment was selected by Finavia after a worldwide tender was issued. “We knew that Helsinki Airport was interested in improving their winter resilience and safety,” said Jeff Campbell, President of JCAII. “We custom engineered a solution for them that will improve safety and control on the de-icing pad, maximize de-icing throughput, and reduce radio communication.”

JCAII has a range of de-icing pad management equipment at airports in Europe and North America including St. John’s, Newfoundland; Amsterdam Schiphol; London Heathrow; and Toronto and Montreal, in Canada. The company provides Electronic Message Boards, Bay Management Software, and Inset Lighting and control systems. The installation at Helsinki will be the company’s tenth airport.

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